Public Works Department - Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

The Village of Skokie does not collect grass clippings, dirt and/or sod. Residents who wish to bag their grass clippings or dispose of dirt or sod must make arrangements with a private contractor for disposal.

The Village does provide for the collection of certain yard debris. Materials accepted for collection are listed below.

Residents who have yard waste for collection must contact the Village to arrange for the collection. Residents may do so by calling 847-933-3333, or online by clicking here.



How to Dispose

Plant Material and Small Brush:  Leaves, thatch, plant materials (flowers, vegetable plants) and brush trimmings must be containerized in a biodegradable paper yard waste bag and shall not exceed 40 lbs.
Large Brush: Bundles must be tied with string, twine or rope, and bundled(s) made small enough to be lifted by a single waste collector. Residents must make arrangements with a private landscaper or tree service for collection of brush, branches or logs exceeding three inches in diameter and/or five feet in length.