Animal Control

Domestic Animal Control

In order to maintain a high quality of life for Skokie residents, a variety of ordinances relating to animals have been enacted. These ordinances include numerous requirements:

  • Dog defecation must be picked up
  • Dogs are not allowed in parks/playgrounds
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when not on the owner's property
  • Cats and dogs must be licensed,
  • Barnyard animals can not be kept within the Village
The Animal Control officers enforce these and many other animal related ordinances in the Village of Skokie.

Stray Dogs & Cats

Stray dogs and cats that are picked up by the Animal Control officers in Skokie are temporarily housed at private shelters. Animals that are not claimed in five days are transferred to another shelter if space is available. Every effort is made to find homes for all unclaimed animals. Information on adoption sites or locating lost pets is available by calling the Animal Control Division.


In addition to domestic animal control, the Animal Control officers provideassistance to residents who are having problems with wildlife. Animal Control officers respond to calls about wildlife damage to homes and yards.


Traps are available for loan to residents who are having problems with nuisance wildlife. Trapped wildlife are either relocated or humanely euthanized depending on the situation and type of animal. Information is provided to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Injured Wildlife

The officers also assist injured wildlife. The most frequently occurring situation involves animals struck by vehicles. Whenever possible, injured wildlife are transported to wildlife rehabilitators for treatment and release. Wildlife found dead in Skokie are removed for proper disposal.